NESCO is proud of its role in contributing to the growth of renewable and alternative energy across the United States. To that end, we operate under the same “green” values that our clients pursue, implementing and executing an aggressive recycling plan on every project in which we participate.
Construction waste materials can often be recycled and reconstituted into other usable products or donated to non-profit organizations. At NESCO, we strive to keep as much waste material out of landfills.
NESCO has developed recycling strategies that begin in the planning and design stages of every project. Once an assignment is initiated, containers for material recycling are set-up on-site and clearly labeled. All NESCO personnel are trained in material sorting policy, and bins are monitored periodically to prevent waste mixing by crews or others discarding trash into the bins. Our experience in recycling has allowed us to continuously improve processes, reduce costs and resulted in a significant reduction in waste materials.