NESCO Positioned for a Big Year in Solar

NESCO Positioned for a Big Year in Solar

2013 was a big year for the Solar Industry and we at NESCO are proud to have been a part of this emerging industry. With over 20 MW’s of installed solar, and contribution to over 40MW’s NESCO had a small but expanding role in last year’s tremendous industry growth. As we put 2013 behind us we look forward to meeting and exceeding this year’s production goals. With over 200MW of estimated solar projected for 2014, we predict this year to be our busiest to date. Project negotiations have begun in areas as far North as Minnesota, as more and more work comes in the door in our home state of Colorado. We look forward to contributing to the continual growth of the industry by offering our innovative brand of installation services.

With module prices beginning to stabilize and the expiring Investment Tax Credit on the horizon, the solar industry is gaining the ability to stand on its own feet. As the U.S. market nears its peak and the industry begins to stabilize, NESCO has been developing strategies and tools to continue and expand our successful role in the solar marketplace. We have built relationships with companies and organization that we believe will have longevity within the industry (for example, we are engaging in a partnership with the National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL) where we are developing site specific maintenance plans to ensure the performance of arrays across the U.S.). Tools like this will allow investors to achieve the returns that drew them to solar in the first place, and keep a positive attitude towards the industry while maintaining a healthy market.

NESCO has also contributed to the lowering of hard costs in solar dating back to our first project. We have achieved this by developing unique training programs to lower installation times while growing a competent workforce. We have expanded our range of services to eliminate markups and decrease overhead. We are also researching tools and developing relationships to broaden our services even further to help lower soft costs. Along with these goals and the exciting innovations and advances in modules and storage, we believe solar will one day be a fully viable alternative solution to help solve the world energy crisis.

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