Complete Scope of Mechanical Services

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NESCO offers a complete scope of mechanical services for alternative and renewable energy projects. We maximize efficiencies and provide a commitment to excellence on every assignment, from post/foundations to module installation. Trust your project to NESCO.


Specializing in ground-mount solar systems, NESCO collaborates with engineering firms to offer customized foundation solutions. Our assessments are based on detailed reviews of geotechnical reports, on-site pile testing, soil analysis and all applicable codes and load considerations. Our tailored approach is based on our vast experience with installations throughout the country, and allows our clients the opportunity to accurately estimate materials and labor – resulting in reduced costs.

Post Testing

In collaboration with project and geotechnical engineers, NESCO offers pullout and lateral load testing to ensure precise system design and accurate material requirements. We are well-versed in all types of foundations and can provide a complete, turn-key post foundation solution, including post-testing, supply, and installation.


Through the use of integrated internal systems and customized organizational software, NESCO’s exclusive Quality Control practices allow real-time supply requirement notification and material deployment throughout the planning and execution process.

Post Driving

NESCO executes its Post driving services with the industry’s premier GAYK Hydraulic Pile Driving System. The GAYK allows NESCO to provide fast and accurate post installation including drive bearing, motor, gearbox and combiner posts required for tracking systems, or posts for fixed arrays. The quality and accuracy of our post installations allow for increased productivity of the follow-on rack installation, and the mobility of the GAYK allows mobilization to accommodate any size project, from 200 KW to 75 MW or more.


NESCO’s proven methods allow for efficient and quality installation of both tracking and fixed solar module rack systems. In addition to controlling inventory, we pre-sort and assemble all materials prior to distribution, and utilize real-time reporting to make certain the production schedule is continually monitored.

Module Install

We are uniquely experienced in the mechanical and safety techniques necessary for a successful module installation. We screen for potential shading issues which may affect field production, and we take great care to ensure that the panel install will have the desired overall appearance.

DC Wiring

Once Modules are installed, NESCO can wire the direct current to the Collector System and connect to the Combiner Boxes. In addition, our management team can offer supervisory capabilities in completing the inverter hook-up.


Our Operations Team offers site-specific maintenance programs for clients concerned with protecting their investment long-term. We offer ground vegetation control programs; periodic structural and equipment maintenance inspections; panel cleaning programs; and most any other item required to safeguard the value of the project.