10 Good Reasons to choose NESCO

1. Quality Estimating
With our detailed approach to quantifying the proposed project, our historical data on several rack systems, and review of the local environment, our clients can be confident in the research of our proposals, and the accuracy of our estimates.

2. Innovative Production Solutions
We take every project and break it down into manageable tasks. Each is reviewed to develop the safest, highest quality, and most productive technique to accomplish the goal. These methods are continually monitored for compliance and improvement. This approach has resulted in safer, better, and faster project success.

3. Project Scheduling
We use Microsoft Projects scheduling software to ensure on-time completions and quality tracking for all our clients.

4. Real Time Production Reporting
We have developed systems to monitor production daily, which results in the ability to make immediate improvements.

5. Quality Control Plan
We have designed proprietary QC systems to ensure the highest results.

6. Safety Commitment
Our goal is to have zero reportable incidents, which has been the case on all of our projects to date.

7. Local Hires and Training
We work with local government employment agencies to fill our labor needs and provide extensive start-up training, with the commitment to developing experienced solar mechanics.

8. Continuing Recycling Solutions
We are sensitive to the environment and adopt recycling systems to include cardboard, steel, wood, and plastics.

9. R & D
We are continuously focused on improving our contribution to efficiencies, including an emphasis on Panel Maintenance Solutions, Electric Field Truck utilization, Solar Temp Power Solutions, etc.

10. Veteran owned
We make every effort to hire our veterans.

With over 30-years construction experience, dependability is our cornerstone. Our customers know they can rely on NESCO, and so can you.